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The Chilean-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and SPARX Logistics Chile join forces to tackle the challenges of International Transportation!

On May 6th, the energy of trade exchange between Chile and Brazil was palpable at the premises of SPARX Logistics Chile, where the first meeting of the year of the Logistics Committee of the Chilean-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce took place.

This gathering, marked by collaboration and knowledge exchange, allowed participants to delve into the challenges of International Transportation between both countries. During the meeting, we had the presentation by Claudio González, General Manager of SPARX Logistics Chile, who shared his expert insights on the topic, providing valuable insights and key perspectives.

Among the topics addressed during the meeting were significant customs issues such as Temporary Admissions, as well as exploring disruptive innovations and the applications of Artificial Intelligence in the logistics field.

The synergy between the Chilean-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, its business partners, and SPARX Logistics, proved to be a powerful catalyst for advancing efficiency and quality in international transportation between both countries. These events not only strengthen commercial ties but also lay the groundwork for future collaborations and joint development.

We are excited to have been part of this journey and committed to continue driving progress in the logistics field between Chile and Brazil!



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