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White Glove Service: Experience and Attention to Detail

Updated: May 9

White glove delivery service is a method of shipping or receiving products that require more attention than regular packages due to their size, value, or fragility. White glove service experts are highly trained and equipped with the ability to install and assemble your product on-site, using specialized equipment if necessary.

This type of service typically includes optional add-ons such as:

• Inspections: Pre-site and post-site inspection services before assembling the shipped product, in case special configuration is needed during installation.

• Packaging: White glove delivery services adhere to high standards that protect your package from damage using premium packaging materials, such as wooden crates, packing peanuts, styrofoam, moving wraps, bubble wrap, glass masks, cardboard, and more.

• Gentle Handling: Your shipment is treated with the utmost care throughout the packing, shipping, delivery, and setup process. Packers and drivers are trained to handle the unique needs of your product and consider all special considerations.

• Safe and Clean Transport: Top-tier delivery service providers send clean and secure vehicles operated by trained professionals.

• Attentive Service: White glove delivery service professionals are trained to deliver your shipment quickly and safely at all times. They are available to answer any questions you may have during the shipping process.

• Product Assembly, Disassembly, and Installation: Delivery professionals will take your shipment to the designated unloading area and then securely and timely install it. They will also disassemble and remove the old product you are replacing.

Some goods that require this service include:

• Electronic devices: laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, professional-quality cameras or video recorders, and computer parts or accessories.

• Medical and laboratory equipment: ultrasound machines, MRI equipment, CT scanners, X-ray machines, surgery tools and equipment, laboratory sample refrigerators, laboratory workstations, and fragile tools such as microscopes and glassware.

Appliances and furniture

• Automotive and aviation

• High-value merchandise

• Art

Need white glove logistics service for your shipments? Request a quote today and discover how our experts can help ensure the best performance and safety in each of your white glove operations.



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