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Palletization and Packaging Tips for Loads in International Transportation

A poorly prepared load is susceptible to damage, causing unforeseen expenses and delays in deliveries, as well as a negative experience for the customer. A properly palletized and packaged shipment, following best practices, will ensure that your merchandise arrives at its destination on time and in good condition.



Packaging is the process of employing techniques and materials that allow the shipper to secure their cargo so that the merchandise reaches its final destination without any damage. To carry out proper packaging, this article considers:

  1. Choosing quality packaging materials such as bubble wrap, foam, or corrugated cardboard to protect products against impacts, vibrations, and sudden movements during transportation. It is also important to take into account the climate when choosing materials.

  2. The merchandise must be closed, sealed, and secured correctly.

  3. The load should have correct and durable labeling and marking that provide contact information, content details, and handling instructions.


Palletization is the action of mounting merchandise on a pallet or skid in order to become a single unit that facilitates its transportation, handling, and storage. To achieve a successful operation, there are some recommendations for proper palletization.

  1. Use quality pallets, sturdy and in good condition, to ensure a solid base for the load. Wooden pallets are the most common, but there are also options made of plastic or metal.

  2. Distribute the merchandise according to its weight evenly on the pallets. Heavier and bulkier items should be placed at the bottom and in the center of the pallet, while lighter and smaller ones should be placed on top and at the edges. It is also important to consider that palletized cargo does not exceed a height of 1.45 meters.

  3. The load should be secured with appropriate protection such as pallet protective covers.

  4. Fill empty spaces between products with packaging materials to prevent them from moving during transportation.


Hire Logistics Professionals

If you are unsure how to properly palletize and pack your cargo for international transportation, consider hiring logistics professionals with experience in this field.

SPARX logistics can provide you with specific guidance, ensure that your cargo is properly palletized, packed, and documented for transportation, and arrives in perfect condition at its destination.

Proper palletization and packaging minimize the risks of damage to your merchandise, allowing it to maintain its quality during transportation, handling, and storage. It is crucial to select quality pallets and distribute the load evenly, as well as use durable packaging materials and appropriate techniques to protect the cargo. Additionally, having the services of logistics professionals like SPARX will ensure that the cargo is properly palletized, packed, and documented, allowing you to guarantee your customers a satisfactory experience and delivery.



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