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Optimization of Logistic Costs with Consolidated Shipments (LCL)

Updated: May 9

The Less Container Load (LCL) mode, also known as consolidated container, is a type of shipping where cargo is transported within a container along with loads from other shippers.

Advantages of LCL Importation

Cost Optimization: The rates applied to the transport of consolidated containers are more economical than those for a full container transport. Importers only incur charges for the space occupied by their cargo.

Operational Adaptability: Less-container-load shipments offer greater flexibility compared to full-container transports, allowing importers to create an operational plan with smaller capacity shipments or shipments from various origins, each with different destinations.

Reservation Security: Co-loaders, specialized companies in cargo consolidation, secure space with shipping lines for each movement, avoiding any delays in reservation confirmations.

Reduction in Transit Time: Generally, LCL shipments have shorter transit periods because there is no need to wait for the complete consolidation of a container or the allocation of equipment by shipping lines.

Importers considering the use of consolidated cargo movement should take into account the following cargo factors:

Volume: It is crucial to keep in mind that the cargo volume should be less than the available space in a full container.

Weight: Consider that the weight of the cargo should be less than the maximum weight allowed for a consolidated container.

Type: The type of cargo must be considered to maintain proper conditions, such as temperature in refrigerated shipments or other conditions for hazardous and chemical cargoes.

Transporting goods in LCL mode is a practical and cost-effective option for shippers needing to send small or medium-volume goods. This shipping method offers flexibility and optimization. Contact our SPARX experts to learn how to implement this type of cargo in your logistics operations.



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