For companies seeking integrated logistics solutions, finding dependable third-party facilities at a reasonable price is a challenge. SPARX offers warehouse space in all major markets, including cost effective options for any size or scope of operation. Using our sophisticated warehouse management system (WMS), we monitor inventory/replenishment levels, track items sold and where you have the highest concentration of customers, and equip you with key performance data and real-time dashboards. Our WMS saves you time and money by providing a fully tailored fit and with pricing to match.

No matter where in the world you are located and where you would like to distribute your products, SPARX can:

Provide customized door to door delivery service

Manage sophisticated pick and pack operations, including repackaging, relabeling and scrubbing services

Container stripping, palletization, shrink-wrapping and racking

Customized integration and compliance with your end-customers vendor routing requirements

Orchestrate a well-honed last mile delivery program that competes well with parcel services and regional post offices

By coupling our technology tools with timely internal and external communication, we are able to accurately predict the ETD and ETA of your shipments. This enables us to conduct proactive, efficient transload and crossdock programs that minimize handling and storage costs, expediting the final delivery of your goods. 

LabelingWe use barcodes and SKU numbers to track and trace shipments. Via our MySparx portal, customers gain full visibility of their goods, anywhere, any time of the day. We also provide standard or customized labels, based on your organizational requirements.
Pre-inspectionTo ensure that your goods are delivered in pristine condition, we offer inspection programs both before shipment and after arrival at destination. We help protect your brand's image and integrity by guaranteeing the quality of your goods throughout the transportation process.