We pride ourselves on combining established, emergent and proprietary logistics software to create a fully customized client experience. MySparx is an integrated logistics portal designed to share updates and monitor daily operations across your entire supply chain. All features are fully configurable, with a central goal of enhancing visibility and productivity from order initiation to final delivery. The system also empowers users to generate AD HOC reports, KPI dashboards and Gantt Charts to monitor specific trends, track progress against preset goals and promote continuous improvement.

Customs classification and filing

"Wheels up" air freight clearance

Expertise with other partner agencies (PGA)

Customs and ISF bond management

Bonded Warehouse & Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) process management

Duty drawback, duty reduction and first sale

Compliance consulting, including customized training programs

CTPAT consulting & facilities auditing

SPARX is a proud member of CTPAT, a U.S. Customs-sponsored, voluntary program designed to build cooperative relationships that strengthen supply chain and border security. The ultimate goal of CTPAT is to create a more secure and efficient global supply chain through partnerships within the trade community. If you are not CTPAT certified, SPARX can help facilitate your application and validation into the prorgam. SPARX can also assist with periodic audits and help bring your suppliers and other partners into CTPAT compliance.

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Mitigating the Impact of the 301/232 Tariffs
  • Global Sourcing Diversification & Purchasing Management Services
  • Free Trade Agreements
  • Global Technology Evaluation and Implementation (PO Management)
  • Trade Compliance Management
  • ISF Compliance Evaluation
  • CTPAT Security Specialists and Facilities Auditing
  • Marine Cargo and Export Credit Insurance
  • Risk and Spend Management
  • Documentation and Letter of Credit Capabilities and Training
  • Education and Training Programs
  • Harmonized Tariff Code Line Review
  • Fulfillment Management Services
  • Warehousing (FTZ and Bonded) & 3rd Party Feasibility Study
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