For many, the automotive industry is taken for granted. What isn’t clear from the surface is; the automotive industry is one of the most sophisticated sectors in today’s market. The majority of cars contain some 20,000 parts, with most of those parts originating from hundreds of different cities and countries. SPARX offers our dedicated services to improve your supply chain by providing actionable solutions that can save your company millions.

At SPARX logistics, we know first hand the complexities faced in the Automotive industry. Our approach is adaptable, and the services offered will be fully tailored specific to your business needs. Even the smallest amount of savings in your Automotive supply chain can have a tremendous impact on your company’s bottom line. With the help of our technology and team of specialists, we will work tirelessly to ensure the highest level of quality service for your business.

Comprehensive Supply Chain Assessment

What Contingencies are in Place?

Are Those Contingencies Cost-Effective?